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Creative Journal Writing : the art and heart of reflection by Stephanie Dowrick

Creative Journal Writing : the art and heart of reflection by Stephanie Dowrick

In this exceptionally positive and encouraging book, Dr Stephanie Dowrick frees the journal writer she believes is in virtually everyone, showing through stories and highly engaging examples that a genuine sense of possibility can be revived on every page.
Creative journal writing goes way beyond just recording events on paper. Without needing any rigid formula to gain success, it is the companion that supports but does not judge. It can be a place of unparalleled discovery and a creative playground where the everyday rules no longer count. Proven benefits of journal writing include reduced stress and anxiety, increased self-awareness, sharpened mental skills, genuine psychological insight, creative inspiration and motivation, strengthened ability to cope during difficult times, and overall physical and emotional well-being.
Combining a rich choice of ideas with wonderful stories, quotes, and her refreshingly intimate thoughts gained through a lifetime of professional and creative writing, Dowrick's insights and confidence in the process make journal writing irresistible. She also makes your own experiences and life far more enchanting. Included in Creative Journal Writing are:
True stories of how people have used journal writing to transform their lives;
· inspirational instructions, guidelines, and quotes;· key principles, practical suggestions, and helpful hints;· 125 starter topics, designed to help even the most reluctant journal writer;· more than forty powerful exercises;· and much more!

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